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Why Is PATH 1-1 Marriage Coaching Different?

This is the best service in the industry to get your spouse back for good

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Want The Proven Method To Get Your Spouse Back For Good?

PATH 1-1 Marriage Coaching is for serious career people who want success in their marriage long-term, even if their spouse is currently checked out or wanting a divorce
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Our simple method helps you experience immediate relief in your relationship… without having to waste years in therapy. We teach you the secret to effective communication so you can handle your most difficult relationship challenges.

You will go from places of bitterness, pain and despair to finding stability, intimacy and affection as you fall in love again

Why Is PATH 1-1 Marriage Coaching Different?

We developed this method after working with thousands of clients who are successful in their careers and now they want to be successful in their marriages…

Stage 1: Building a Foundation

Here we will teach you how to open up your conversations with your spouse so that you can understand why they REALLY are upset and are pulling away.

Stage 2: Ceasefire

Part of this process may involve some big changes. We want to help you know exactly what you need to do to put out the fire instead of blindly guessing what needs to be done to fix things.

Stage 3: Restoring Peace

We’ll also be working closely with you to assess the best possible plan for coming back together, including how to build up attraction and make your spouse WANT to come back.

Stage 4: Reconciliation

We’ll teach you to how to support your spouse in their struggles while also holding them accountable for the destructive behavior that they may be engaging in

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Want The Proven Method To Get Your Spouse Back For Good?

The exact strategy you need to comfortable in your home again.​

PATH 1-1 Marriage Coaching
Exclusive 1 on 1 calls with top trained experts and coaches

A do it yourself marriage restoration course to help you have open real communication…

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A Few Words About Us

Fastest Growing Online Marriage Resource

High Thrive Coaching is the world’s leading program on saving a marriage from divorce and has saved over 15,000 marriages already!  8 years ago, Heather Choate and Marc Johnston created High Thrive Coaching because they knew something needed to change.  Divorce rates have been increasingly on the rise, despite more self-help books, podcasts and information all claiming to have the solution.  They saw that none of that was working, so they created a scientifically proven 4-step process to stop divorce and flip the script, so your spouse is the one chasing after you.

Not only do Heather and Marc use this exact method in their own marriages…

But now they are the most sought-after marriage experts in the world, are bestselling authors, have recorded over 150 podcast episodes and have a Facebook group of over 40,000 members!

And we are here to show you how you too can turn your marriage around.