This is the world’s best solution to RESTORE YOUR MARRIAGE and bring love back again with your spouse. Rebuild trust, improve communication and become the best version of yourself in the process.

A Few Words About Us

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High Thrive Coaching is the world’s leading program on saving a marriage from divorce and has saved over 15,000 marriages already!  8 years ago, Heather Choate and Marc Johnston created High Thrive Coaching because they knew something needed to change.  Divorce rates have been increasingly on the rise, despite more self-help books, podcasts and information all claiming to have the solution.  They saw that none of that was working, so they created a scientifically proven 4-step process to stop divorce and flip the script, so your spouse is the one chasing after you.

Not only do Heather and Marc use this exact method in their own marriages…

But now they are the most sought-after marriage experts in the world, are bestselling authors, have recorded over 150 podcast episodes and have a Facebook group of over 40,000 members!

And we are here to show you how you too can turn your marriage around.